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My Project365: January 2016

Only a week left and February is almost up! So, what happened in January? Here’s a snippet of my life in boxes.


Crafts, food, coffee, friends, lovelife and the most important aspect of my life – family. These are the things that keep me sane in this crazy world we live in. How about you? How do you document your life?


P.S. Based on the photos, I’m not a photographer – and you don’t have to be one to start your own Project365. So, go and capture your days in photos! 🙂


Project365: The Art of Documenting Your Life

I’ve been doing Project365 for 2 years now, since it’s included in my Day Zero Project list. But unfortunately, I never got to finish them. As a single mom working to raise two children, most of the time I get so busy that I forget to take a photo or forget to upload for days that they pile up and then I become lazy to update.

So, what is Project365? Simply put, Project 365 is  taking one photo a day for a year. Whether you’re using a fancy DSLR, or simply using your phone, you can start your own Project 365. There are a variety of great sites and even mobile applications you can use to share your photos, to find inspiration and keep up with other photographers’ efforts.

Why you should do it?

There are a lot of different reasons why you would choose to create your own Project 365.

  • It can serve as a photo diary, giving you a visual recording of an entire year in your life.
  • It can improve your photography, since after all, practice makes perfect.
  • In the process it will push you to learn more about your technique, about what your camera is capable of doing, lighting, composition and more.
  • It will make you more observant. When you know that you have to take a photo a day, you’ll notice a lot more around you. You’ll find yourself looking for photos everywhere, and seeing little things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.
  • Your ultimate masterpiece could be out there waiting for you. There are a lot of photographic opportunities and if you commit to taking a photo a day, you’re more likely to snap that perfect photo.

Starting your own Project365

  • Take a camera with you every where you go. It can be your SLR, a small compact camera or your phone.
  • Think ahead. Sometimes you’ll find an interesting shot without even trying, particularly if you’re out and about a lot. If you’re not, or if you’re having a slow day, it’s good to have a list of ideas that you can photograph. The list can include places, subjects, techniques you want to try and more. There are 30-day photo challenges always coming up online. You can use them.
  • Post your photo at the end of the day. Don’t be in a rush to get your photo up straight away. You never know if you’ll come across a better photo later in the day. By posting at the end of the day, you know you’re always going to put your best photo of the day.
  • If you see an interesting shot, take it.  You might think to yourself that it’s not worth it, but with digital photography, what do you have to lose? You might not find something else to shoot by the time the day comes to an end.
  • Look for inspiration. Keep up with your favourite photographers’ work, study the greats, keep up with other Project 365ers. There is no harm in seeing what other photographers are doing and emulating it.
  • Try different photography techniques. Try your hand at macro photography, see what it’s like to take night shots, and more. Play around with your angles and experiment with your lenses. Not only will this give you more ideas, it will also improve your technique and you’ll learn a lot more about how to use your camera.

Share your work with others

A huge motivating factor in keeping a Project 365 project going is to share it with others. Getting feedback and comments will definitely make you want to keep taking photos. There are several options available to you.

The famous one is 365Project  where you can upload one photo per calendar date directly on the site or through email. After uploading your photo you can select the date the photo was taken, add a description, title and tags. Browsing photos shared on 365Project can be done by date, popularity, tags and more. Members can follow one another, leave comments on photos and add them to your favourites.

Other Project365-specific websites are BlipfotoShuttercal, and Momentile. These sites also have their own dedicated iPhone and/or Android mobile apps.

You can also choose to use other service like Instagram, PicPlz or Molome mobile applications, photography sharing sites like Flickr23hq, or if you want a really slick experience, give 500px a try, and blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. You can also create a specific album on Facebook, or on Google+ and upload one photo a day.

 My Project365 Journey

Because I’ve been inactive for months now, all the photos in my 365project.org account has been deleted. Good thing I also created albums during my Year 1 and Year 2 in my Facebook account. I’ve started the challenge again this year through my Instagram account, and I’m very much hoping that I’ll be able to finish it with flying colors this year.

Have you put together your own Project 365? Share the link with us in the comments.