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I spent Valentine’s Day with my best buddies from college. After n years, it felt so nice to be back in campus, much more inside the Eng’g building! My friends and I had a meet&greet session with the new members of my beloved org, UP EnggSoc. I must say, it’s a somewhat weird feeling to come back as an alumna, meeting those young members with 201x student numbers. I felt really old. Ugh.

Then we headed to the Fair grounds.It was one blast of a night. OPM bands were not that active recently compared to my undergrad years. But last night, OPM is alive! It’s fun to see all these people from all over come together for a night of OPM music. Students, yuppies, couples and families alike roamed the place.

The line up of bands was not that stellar to begin with. Actually I was disappointed at first, and I didn’t think that I’ll enjoy it very much.


My Top 5:

5. Sali – An all-UP band. I liked their songs and the female vocalist’s voice. They performed before Yeng, and I know that’s such a pressure to go through. But they performed well. I think they will go a long way.

4. Quest – This band’s energy is so superb! You can feel their passion, an all-out performance I must say, but not going overboard.

3. Freestyle – They sang original new songs, and only sang one classic Freestyle hit (Before I Let You Go). I miss Jinky Vidal and Top Suzara for that. But they really rocked the house when they sang a medley of party music.

2. Sabado Boys – Though I knew them individually, this is the first time I get to watch them as a group. And I enjoyed them. Those comedy spiels and jokes they throw to each other reminded me of The Greatest Hitmakers (Rico J. Puno, Nonoy Zuniga, Marco Sison, Rey Valera). DJ Mike, known for his beat boxing talent, surprised the crowd when he belted out his own rendition of E-Heads’ Alapaap.

1. Yeng Constantino – Of course, as expected, she’s the last to perform. She definitely killed it, making the crowd roar and sing along. But at some point, I felt like I was in some sort of prayer rally, Yeng preaching onstage with her purple hair and cute little shorts. It felt awkward, and the crowd was silent for 15 minutes I think. Nevertheless, she rocked it!

I hope to come back next year, and hopefully, OPM has regained the grandeur it once had.